Best Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Game Loadouts: Guns, Attachments, and Perks

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s ranked game has been a hit with fans ever since it dropped. Although this is an Infinity Ward title, the mode was developed by veterans Treyarch. With some weapons restricted, nerfed, and upgraded, players remain eager to know the best ranked game loadouts for Modern Warfare 2, from weapons to attachments to perks to field upgrades.

Right now, there are more viable weapons than ever before, with the SMG class in particular offering several viable options.

Highest rated game Vaznev-9K

For the majority of players, their go-to SMG will be the Vaznev, which remains the pro SMG of choice in Modern Warfare’s CDL Season 2. It offers high damage, impressive range, and modest recoil, making it capable of compete at ranges you wouldn’t typically expect from an SMG.

Specifically, players will want to run the following version:

  • Muzzle – Brun’s pendulum
  • Under the barrel – Commando Grip
  • Stock – Action of Otrezat
  • Rear handle – True-Tac handle
Vaznev-9K in Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith
Activision on Twinfinite

While these are only four of the five possible attachments, more will slow the Vaznev’s ADS to a degree you want to avoid in a weapon designed for aggressive play. This build gives you the perfect balance of speed, damage, range, and efficiency.

Highest ranked Lachmann submarine

The Lachmann Sub is a solid alternative to the Vaznev-9K if for some reason you don’t want to go with the more “meta” option. It’s not as powerful at longer ranges, or as easy to control, but if you’re looking to fly over enemies it’ll kill faster than almost any other weapon up close.

As a result, the focus is more on recoil control and preservation of accuracy – the damage and handling here are good enough to stand on their own:

  • Muzzle – XTEN Shaver Comp
  • Under the barrel – FSS 90 shark fin
  • Stock – FT Mobile Stock
  • Rear handle – Lachmann TCG-10
Lachmann Sub in Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith
Activision on Twinfinite

As mentioned earlier, the Lachmann bounces a little too much to be ultra-competitive at medium range, so you’ll want to make sure you’re on one of the smaller maps in ranked play, like Mercado Las Almas.

Highest Rated Game VEL 46

A gun that has become much more popular in Ranked MW2 lately is the VEL 46, better known by its old moniker MP7. His recent buffs have allowed him to grow relatively stronger, to the point of being competitive with the Lachmanns and Vaznevs.

It doesn’t have the range of the latter or the close-range power of the former, but its high rate of fire, larger default magazines, and great maneuverability make it a very solid option at the moment. Specifically, you’ll want to improve its maneuverability and add attachments to increase its range, without ruining that important ADS and S2F speed:

  • Barrel – Tango 228 Barrel
  • Muzzle – XTEN Shaver Comp
  • Under the barrel – Demo Cleanshot 40
  • Rear handle – Schlager soldier handle
  • Stock – Stock RXT Demo
Screenshot of VEL 46 rated game build in Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith
Activision on Twinfinite

As said before, the VEL 46 doesn’t have the damage output of the strongest SMGs but, provided you get close to enemies, it will reward you accordingly.

Top Rated Game PDSW 528

While the Vaznev or Lachmann are arguably the most used SMGs in Ranked, there have arguably been more PDSW 528s in recent games. The older P90 boasts a large default magazine, which naturally means players have to reload less and can make the most of its impressive rate of fire.

For this reason, gearing all of your attachments toward maneuverability and mobility makes this the ideal run-and-gun SMG for spawn modes like Hardpoint and Control:

  • Muzzle – Brun’s pendulum
  • Stock – Hollow Extended Stock
  • Comb – TACCOMM TV
  • Rear handle – Bruen Q900 handle
PDSW 528 Ranked Game Version in MW2 Armorer
Activision on Twinfinite

Don’t expect the power of the Lachmann or the range of the Vaznev, but do expect a fast, punchy SMG that thrives in busy, chaotic matches.

Top rated game TAQ-56

If you’re going for a slightly slower playstyle, you’ll want an Assault Rifle as your primary weapon. Since the M4 and ISO Hemlock have both been restricted in ranked play, the TAQ-56 is by far the most used AR in the mode.

It’s essentially the scar of old CoD titles and boasts the same damage and range that series veterans will know and love. Again, there’s a reason it’s used at all levels by professional CoD players. Your best build is detailed below:

  • Barrel – Canon Tundra Pro 17.5″
  • Muzzle – FTAC Castle Comp
  • Under the barrel – Commando Grip
  • Ammunition – 5.56 High speed
  • Rear handle – Cleanshot Grip Demo
TAQ-56 in Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith
Activision on Twinfinite

It’s a balance of range, handling, and damage, all of which are important for AR gamers who flaunt and maintain those long sight lines.

Top rated game Kastov 545

The Kastov 545 is an assault rifle that benefited from the restrictions applied to the ISO Hemlock and M4. It’s most powerful at medium range, and while not quite as powerful as the TAQ-56, it thrives on being an all-rounder with significantly better maneuverability.

Whether it can oust the TAQ-56 as a “meta” AR for pros and ranked is another matter, but it comes closest after Hemlock’s restriction. Our recommended build balances mobility, ADS, and recoil, ensuring this is the ideal AR for slightly smaller maps and mid-range engagements:

  • Muzzle – FTAC Castle Comp
  • Under the barrel – Getting started with phase 3
  • Ammunition – 5.45 High Speed
  • Stock – Kastov Rama
  • Rear handle – True-Tac handle
Kastov 545 best loadout in MW2 rated game
Activision on Twinfinite

Don’t expect to outplay your opponents at very long ranges, but for now this is the best AR alternative if you don’t get along with the TAQ for some reason.

Top Rated Game MCPR-300

There are currently a few different sniper rifles that are viable in ranked play in MW2, but the most powerful is the MCPR-300. Unless you consider yourself a candidate for FaZe Clan, you’ll probably use it in Search and Destroy, so it’s all about consistency, holding angles, and getting one-hit kills.

He packs a big punch, resulting in reliable kills as long as enemies are hit from the waist up. The best version for ranked play is described below:

  • Muzzle – 17.5″ Orc Cannon
  • Stock – Cronen LW-88 Stock
  • Rear handle – Cronen Cheetah Handle
  • Magazine – 5 round magazine
  • Ammunition – .300 Mag High Velocity
MCPR-300 in Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith
Activision on Twinfinite

The only real option is to replace the barrel (which slightly speeds up ADS) with a different optic. This is ultimately up to you and your opinion of the default MCPR scope.

Top Rated Game SP-X 80

Our recommended MCPR alternative is the SP-X 80. It’s just not as powerful as the aforementioned sniper, but it’s much faster, more forgiving, and still delivers pretty reliable one-hit kills if you hit players in the stomach or above.

Our recommended build makes the most of one optic, but players can certainly swap it out for one they prefer from the default SP-X 80 scope:

  • Optics – DXS CoriolisV4
  • Stock – PVZ-890 tactical stock
  • Rear handle – Schlager Match Handle
  • Lock – FSS Bolt ST87
  • Ammunition – .300 High Speed
SP-X 80 Ranked Game Built in Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith
Activision on Twinfinite

Again, we only recommend using a sniper in Search and Destroy. You might just be talented enough to use one in ranked play, and if you are, that’s a loud cry.

Best Rated Game X12

The best secondary by some margin is the X12, offering a rate of fire that is simply unmatched in other MW2 pistols. It takes more bullets to kill as a balancing factor, but it’s the best gun to have in the back pocket right now. On this point, our version is designed for the rate of fire and obtaining ADS as quickly as possible:

  • Muzzle – Comp 905F Pistol
  • Barrel – XRK LUC-9
  • Trigger action – XRK Lighting Fire
  • Rear handle – Cronen Lima-6
X12 in Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith
Activision on Twinfinite

Despite the lyrical lyrics about its rate of fire, keep in mind that it is a secondary and should only be used accordingly. Facing an enemy with a primary (whatever it is) is a one-way ticket to being killed.


In terms of benefits, you’ll find that your options are much more limited in ranked play than in typical multiplayer. There is no ultimate perk here and your bonus perk should be Fast Hands, allowing you to swap weapons and use gear much faster.

For your base perks, you’ll want to pick two: Double Time, Bomb Squad, and Battle Hardened.

Benefits in Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play
Activision on Twinfinite

Double Time increases the duration of your tactical sprint; Bomb Squad improves your ability to resist explosives; and Battle Hardened reduces the effects of enemy tactics. All are important and the final decision is yours. Don’t be afraid to change in-game if you notice your enemies deploying a certain type of grenade particularly effectively.


It’s easier. A stun grenade is perfect for disorienting opponents before storming an objective, while lethal Frags and Semtex have their uses. Our personal preference is a Semtex as they allow for greater accuracy, but they cannot be “cooked” like a Frag. Again, it’s up to you and your preference.

Field Upgrades

The last area of ​​ranked play classes is field upgrades. For this, it is between a Trophy System or Dead Silence.

Both are incredibly useful, but you’ll have to make your choice based on your teammates and the mode. Dead Silence will be most useful in Search and Destroy, while trophy systems are great for making hardpoints and checkpoints harder to break.

Trophy system and Dead Silence in Modern Warfare 2
Activision on Twinfinite

This isn’t to overlook Dead Silence in respawn modes, as it can be great for a flank in Hardpoint or Control.

That’s all there is to know about best modern warfare 2 ranked game loadouts. Keep in mind that this guide will change as new weapons and gear drop, so be sure to tune in regularly to stay informed.

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