CDC continues to push COVID boosters on children despite health risks

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Dr. Anthony Fauci continue to push for all healthy children to receive four doses of the COVID vaccine despite the lack of clinical outcome data to support the recommendation.

If public health officials get their way, every healthy 12-year-old girl in America will get 70 doses of the COVID vaccine in her average lifespan, with a risk of heart damage (myocarditis) after each. injection.

Instead of following the science, US officials continue to propagate old myths that vaccines prevent transmission and that myocarditis is more common post-COVID than post-vaccine — it’s not true.

Myocarditis four to 28 times more common after vaccine in cohort of young men, recent study finds Discovery of a JAMA Cardiology study.

In a study from the University of Basel, asymptomatic heart damage occurred in 2.8% of people after the COVID booster, as measured by a troponin test.

You may have missed those studies because we now know Big Tech was censoring all “vaccine hesitant content,” even medical research.

It is unethical to put children at risk of vaccine-induced myocarditis when almost all children have already had COVID.

Children have circulating antibodies that neutralize the virus, but these are antibodies that the government does not recognize.

A study found that myocarditis is four to 28 times more common in young men after receiving the COVID vaccine.
A JAMA Cardiology study found that myocarditis is four to 28 times more common in young men after receiving the COVID vaccine.
AP Photo/Ted Jackson, File

The CDC director can’t even tell us if any one healthy child has already died of COVID (she declined to provide the data when asked during a congressional hearing).

In a German population study, no in good health children aged 5-17 died from COVID (all deaths were children with comorbid conditions).

US public health officials are not just disseminators of disinformation, they are international outliers.

Last week, the World Health Organization came closer than ever to saying that healthy children should not getting the COVID vaccine, considering the vaccine a low priority for healthy young people.

The WHO is also concerned that the absolutism by which the COVID vaccine is being pushed for healthy young people could damage credibility and lead to lower regular vaccination rates for children.

Most Americans might be shocked to learn that the Moderna COVID vaccine has been banned or restricted in parts of Europe for people under 30.

Denmark and Sweden have officially recommended against vaccinating healthy children against COVID.

Other countries were also cautious about its recommendation given the risk of myocarditis, but not America.

Tragically, I keep hearing from parents at schools and universities across the country (including my own) expelling healthy students or stopping them from enrolling if they don’t have a COVID reminder.

A study found that asymptomatic heart damage occurred in 2.8% of people after the COVID booster.
A study found that asymptomatic heart damage occurred in 2.8% of people after the COVID booster.
AP Photo/Ron Harris, File

Cornell just announced that it is dropping its booster requirement but is still mandating the primary vaccine series for incoming freshmen next year.

Ironic, since universities are supposed to have smart people.

Of course, post-vaccination myocarditis is usually mild.

But that’s not reassuring if you’re the patient in intensive care.

In a New England Journal of Medicine analysis of 136 people hospitalized with vaccine-induced myocarditis, two were in critical condition and a 22-year-old died.

The CDC, instead of going public with its investigations of children who died immediately after the COVID vaccine, has been busy colluding with Big Tech to shut down scientific debate and censor real patient stories.

Specifically, he slapped the misinformation tag on medical views when they differ from his own Ministry of Truth.

Indeed, the biggest spreader of misinformation during the pandemic has been the US federal government.

Public health officials humbled themselves last month by insisting that Novak Djokovic could not travel to Florida to play outdoor tennis because he was not vaccinated.

This position of the Biden administration epitomizes everything that is wrong with public health policy today:

  • Ignore natural immunity.
  • Minimize vaccine-induced myocarditis in young men.
  • Ignore the data on the extremely low risk of the virus to healthy young people.
  • Reject data that vaccines do not prevent transmission.
  • Create vaccine hesitancy by arrogantly insisting on vaccine mandates.
  • Damaging trust in public health by being so out of touch with reality.
  • Crying wolf by constantly renewing the state of emergency.

When COVID became epidemic in northern Italy before spreading to the United States, Americans argued that we would be better off with the virus because of American exceptionalism.

Well, our public health officials have indeed proven how exceptional they can be by ignoring myocarditis, ignoring natural immunity, and demanding that all healthy children receive infinite doses of the COVID vaccine without data. supporting.

Marty Makary MD, MPH is a professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and author of “The Price We Pay: What Broke American Health Care and How to Fix It.”

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