Euro Media calls Trump ‘unforgivable’ and America a ‘banana republic’

European media have called Trump “unforgivable” and America a “banana republic” as the criminal case against the former president begins.

Many of these outlets wholeheartedly embraced their old Trump derangement syndrome, with one pundit at one outlet calling the president “unforgivable.”

Writing in the Official Gazette of Ireland, the irish timeSenator Michael McDowell called the former US president “unforgivable” and a “demagogue”, fearing he could end up using the criminal process as a springboard to the 2024 election.

“For my part, these possibilities of criminal trials are distractions from the main stake in relation to the presidential election of 2024,” he wrote. “That main problem is simply this: Donald Trump is a dishonest, dangerous and vindictive man who should never have been elected to the White House.”

“The result of his megalomania and dishonesty is that the American public, to a not inconsiderable extent, believes his lies,” he continued, expressing concern that Trump – whom he described as willing to “subvert democracy”, does not use chaos to its advantage. advantage.

It was a relatively common theme in reporting across Europe, with many publications discussing how the ‘provocative’ former president could very well end up turning the indictment into a victory due to the media circus. behind the procedure.

“Every supporter who gave me an opinion thinks the indictment made him a stronger candidate for the 2024 Republican nomination and for a return to the presidency,” Paul du Quenoy wrote in the Conservative. European, adding that other upcoming legal issues that Trump would face. are likely to “propel him to greater heights”.

“His supporters are energized rather than deterred by his transparent political pursuits,” he continued. “Regardless of the veracity of the allegations against him, many believe the unprecedented indictment is a tragedy for American political life and another blow to the declining legitimacy of our institutions.”

Other outlets have chosen to focus less on Donald Trump himself and more on what the former leader’s arrest means for the whole of the United States.

“This country, this great ongoing experiment, has just arrested and charged a former president. This is the stuff of banana republics,” Maureen Callahan wrote in the UK’s Daily Mailbefore claiming that the images of Trump entering the courtroom are “a defilement of the office he once occupied”.

“America deserves better. Anyone looking forward to these events would do well to reflect: next time is most likely your candidate – your side,” she added. “The precedent has been set.”

Others still spent time discussing protesters outside the courtroom, with German commentator Marc Pitzke portraying pro and anti-Trump protesters in a bad light in a popular magazine. The Spiegel.

“It smells of sweat and marijuana,” he wrote of the anti-Trump side present in New York, before referring to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s complaints about the overwhelming presence of drugs on the streets of New York. New York.

“On my way to my hotel in New York, I saw a lot of people so drugged they can’t even get up,” the Republican congresswoman wrote online. “They’re just falling on the sidewalks after doing drugs at Mayor Adams’ Free Drug Consumption Centers.”

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