Frank Lampard: Is Chelsea’s return a good decision? Fans have their say

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Frank Lampard has won 44 of his 84 games at Chelsea in his first term in charge

He is back.

Given his turbulent experiences at relegation-haunted Everton, this is an intriguing caretaker appointment by the Blues board.

We asked our Chelsea fan editor for his views and sifted through hundreds of messages sent to BBC Sport by supporters reacting to the news.

“More support than Potter ever had”

Ross Mooring, Chelsea Fancastexternal link

If there had ever been proof that time was a flat circle, it would be Frank Lampard who would take over a struggling Chelsea side mid-season and defy the critics by winning another Champions League title.

With little left to play in the Premier League – a pressure-relieving factor – Lampard can focus on game plans with a group of players who still know how to win at least in Europe, starting with a Real Madrid side that the Blues really should have. eliminated in consecutive seasons.

It’s safe to say Lampard is a crowd-pleaser, but in this case he ‘really knows the club’ and the ins and outs of training at Cobham.

He’ll also walk through the door with more support from players – new and old – than Graham Potter has ever had, though that misrepresents some given the mocking leaks following Potter’s sacking.

Lampard will no doubt receive instructions from management on how to proceed with his oversized squad as no less than eight players will have to leave next season’s squad of 25. We might even see more playing time for some less established academy players.

From the board’s perspective, it gives them breathing space to continue their search for a long-term appointment, while the players’ reaction to playing under Lampard will show who deserves a place in the squad and who is not.

From Lampard’s point of view, he’s in a win-win situation – if the results don’t improve, it’s because of the mess he inherited, and if they do, it will highlight again his strengths as a coach.

For all the other members of the club and the supporters too, we can at least move on from this episode and focus on trying to bring smiles back to Bridge this year.

What do you think?

Fan Views – ‘Sensitive’ or a ‘Headless Chicken Movement’?

Dirty : Glad Lampard has been nominated. The essence of the team is still the one that Thomas Tuchel inherited from him. He is a decent, honest and hard-working man and there is a lot of affection for him at Chelsea. Can he command respect and support for the most recent imports? Hopefully so, with the backing of the young Chelsea talent he initially gave his chance to.

Paul: Moving headless chicken. Lampard will always be a nice guy and a great ex-Chelsea player, but he’s no managerial material and has failed in every job he’s had.

Ditch : In fact, I think it’s a shrewd decision on the part of the owners and Frank. With this appointment, they have someone every Chelsea supporter loves. For Frank and for the owners, with so little expected of Chelsea this season, both have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Johnny: As far as acting appointments go, that seems reasonable and I’m happy with that. He should hopefully lift the spirits of the whole club and the kind of emotion Frank evokes in players and fans alike is the type that can inspire a Champions League run. He will hopefully help get Mason Mount back to his best and sign a new contract!

Lewis: It’s a good decision. Lampard is highly respected at the club and can bring out the best in some players. Mount can also regain his confidence under Lampard and as we have nothing left to lose apart from the Champions League, he is a good choice. The only concern is that it looks like a random decision by the owners and a small gamble.

Andy: To be completely honest, I think it’s a step back in a terrible and frustrating season. We need someone who has a voice for players like José Mourinho. Todd Boehly made our club a laughing stock.

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