Mark Waid on Shazam’s New Nickname, Kingdom Come Legacy, Shazam Family, and More

Shazam! By now, almost everyone knows the magic word that turns young teenager Billy Batson into a superhero, and that magic word will also be the title of his new Shazam in progress! series by writer Mark Waid, artist Dan Mora and colorist Fernando Sanchez.

But the new title, which is part of “Dawn of DC”, will bring some changes to the Shazam family, with Billy Batson front and center, a new nickname for his superhero alter ego and a focus on returning to the more classic elements. Shazam! mythos while bringing Billy and his friends further into the 21st century.

Before Shazam! Released from #1 on May 2, Newsarama had the chance to speak with Mark Waid about his plan to make Billy Batson a fully formed hero with real stakes while preserving his long legacy, and even how Billy Batson’s portrayal by Waid in Kingdom Come factors in the relaunch.

Shazam!  art #1

(Image credit: DC)

Newsarama: Mark, I’m very happy to talk about Shazam! today because Billy Batson is one of my favorite characters of all time. You and Dan Mora are bringing Shazam back in its own title for Dawn of DC. What does this mean for you as a creative team and for Shazam as a character?

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