Nate’s evil streak continues

After three mediocre first episodes, Ted Lasso seems to have finally reached its cruising speed in this new third season. We’ve finally discovered an interesting new character, Ted (Jason Sudeikis) and Nate (Nick Mohammed) have finally been cast, and the Bantr dating app is back. Ted Lasso fans, rejoice!

Before they can enter the big game between Richmond and West Ham—Ted and Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) versus Nate and Rupert (Anthony Head), respectively—Ted Lasso drops a big bombshell in Ted’s personal life. We know his ex-wife Michelle (Andrea Anders) has seen a new guy, and in the latest episode, he’s revealed to be “Dr. Jacques.” But what kind of doctor, exactly? He’s a therapist. Ted’s former couples therapist, actually.

What a beautiful plot! With all the jokes and pep talks, it can be hard to remember that Ted Lasso is a show for adults. With a tampon accident, friends with benefits chatting between Ted and Sassy (Ellie Taylor), and Rebecca’s lingering feelings for Sam (Toheeb Jimoh), this most recent episode is proof that Ted Lasso deserves a TV-MA rating.

Sometimes I wish adult series would make their way to gamers more. Such is the case in this episode, in which the entire Richmond AFC team discovers that the famous “BELIEVE” poster has been torn up by an unknown antagonist. While we all know it’s Nate and the head coaches uncover the culprit thanks to detectives from Trent Crimm (James Lance), the players are still in the dark and decide to carry out vicious attacks on anyone who would commit such a crime. atrocity. More on that later – call it Chekhov’s torn “Believe” sign, if you will.

Richmond AFC are struggling to play against Nate’s strong side. Honestly, it’s a welcome change – it’s been a long time since Richmond have been the underdog, and when they inevitably rise to defeat West Ham by the end of the series, the reward will be sweet. But here’s where that adult side could step in more: let the players curse! Let them be angry! They’re so pissed off, and all they do is vaguely scream into the abyss. I want to see Dani Rojas (Cristo Fernández) get so mad that the show has to start uttering words.

Eventually they get mad, just in a more boring way. We’re back to Chekhov’s torn “Believe” sign: As Ted is pulled away by Rebecca at halftime, coach Beard and bolder Roy (Brett Goldstein) decide to put some fire in Ted’s belly. their players. They broadcast the images of Nate tearing down the “Believe”. They are all furious. Who would curse such a team?

Which brings them back to the field, bitter with rage, feeling like the spikes of their cleats had better stab Nate’s eyes instead of sinking into the turf. Unfortunately, this fury only sparks a few field wars, resulting in the elimination of several players. Richmond ultimately has more players receiving red cards than goals scored at the end of the game. Weft.

But the tension throughout this episode is wonderfully entertaining. There’s Rupert and Rebecca, though their condescending stares across the audience have been a bit overused. Nate and Ted finally share another scene together, in which Nate tries to avoid his former boss by sticking his nose in the corner of an elevator. It does not work. I gasped when the two almost had to have a conversation.

And then there’s the new character, who brings a little more conflict into Keeley’s (Juno Temple) life, like she needs it. The person who funded his business is visiting to watch Richmond AFC play. Named Jack Danvers, the team is shocked to learn that this mysterious investor is actually a women. Keeley finds out in perhaps the worst possible way: she begs a stranger in the bathroom for a tampon, and that stranger turns out to be Jack (Jodi Balfour).

While we don’t get much out of Jack beyond that buffering incident and later game, she’s already ten times better than newcomer Zava (Maximilian Osinski), who really hasn’t added anything new to Ted Lasso. With tensions growing between Nate and Ted, a mysterious new figure in Keeley’s life, and a new bromance between Roy and Jamie (Phil Dunster), Ted Lasso has finally hit its third season groove.

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