Police redeploy counter-terrorism officers to tackle internal racism

London Police have redeployed counter-terrorism officers to help monitor alleged misconduct, including racism and sexism, within the force.

Officers who previously tackled serious crime and terrorism with the Metropolitan Police of London (Met) have been removed from operations to help clean up allegations of misconduct within their own force.

A recent review called the force institutionally racist, sexist and homophobic.

According to a report by The telegraphForce Commissioner Mark Rowley has decided to redeploy officers from the terrorism and serious organized crime departments to help root out misconduct within the organisation, a recent database search of officers revealing that around one in 200 within the force had previous adult convictions.

Overall, a total of 90 officers and staff will be transferred from counter-terrorism and crime-fighting operations to internal cleanup.

“We made this decision because we cannot succeed in any policing mission unless we resolve these issues as quickly as possible,” the commissioner said, promising to crack down on suspicious officers even if it meant disrupting the maintenance of the police. order in London.

Such an approach has greatly worried some in the country, with Lord Alex Carlile – a former independent critic of terrorism in Britain – saying such a move risks dragging down frontline operations.

“I am very concerned that at a time when the terrorist threat remains very high, officers should be removed from the counter-terrorism police to deal with the cupboard full of dirty laundry,” Carlile said of the cleaning, which he says should be done using resources outside the Met instead.

The Met’s planned purge comes shortly after a number of officers were found guilty of raping women while actively serving in the force, leading to a massive drop in public confidence within the organization.

However, it also coincides with pledges by senior officers to stamp out ‘racism’ within the force, with Rowley promising to fire racist officers after offensive memes leaked online from a private WhatsApp group containing officers of the Met.

A former member of the force was even arrested for such offensive memes, which the Met denounced as “despicable and deplorable”.

“I will be ruthless in rooting out these corrupt officers and employees, including racists and misogynists, from our organization,” Rowley pledged following the scandal.

Police officers caught sharing angry material online risk more than just a fine and losing their jobs, with a former member of another police force in the country being thrown in jail for speaking out about George Floyd.

James Watts was sentenced to 20 weeks in prison after being found guilty of “10 counts of sending a grossly offensive or threatening message through a public communications network” for allegedly posting “racist WhatsApp memes mocking the death of George Floyd”.

In contrast, another officer who was convicted of both fabricating and possessing indecent images of children was given a simple suspended sentence for his crimes.

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