The Bad Batch star had no idea about the season finale twist

The following contains spoilers for the Season 2 finale of Star Wars: The Bad BatchThe emotionally devastating season finale of the Disney Plus series Star Wars: The Bad Batch seemed to catch most viewers off guard. They weren’t the only ones, though, and now one of the show’s stars has revealed she was able to share that punch of surprise with the audience. But that wasn’t the only shock.

Those who followed the star wars The show will probably already know that there were several big emotional moments and twists in the Season 2 finale, and they were all pretty unforgiving. The bad batch is creator Dave Filoni’s love letter to star wars fans, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be all sugar and rainbows. The stakes are higher than ever for the show, and between a surprising death and the most crushing defeat Clone Force 99 (the titular team of clone heroes) has ever suffered, there have been plenty of unexpected turns. This goes for the audience and even some voice actors behind these endearing characters.


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New Zealand actress Michelle Ang, who plays young female clone Omega on The bad batchrecently spoke to star about her reaction to the Season 2 finale, and it turns out she was kept in the dark about one of the major twists. Namely, this one was the first major character death on The bad batch thanks to the heroic sacrifice of Tech. “I normally get the scripts about a week before the recording session, which is really enough time to read and internalize what’s going on,” Ang explained. “But I had no idea – not even an idea! – that we were going to lose any of the members of the lot. And certainly not Tech! On the contrary, I felt like they were building Tech to become the new primary relationship. So, I was really devastated. It was kind of like it was a prank or something. I was really shocked.”

Maybe because of the way The bad batch has more leeway with star wars canon than other shows in the franchise, the season finale saw plenty of surprises, but not all of them were tragic. One such twist was the revelation that Dr. Emerie Karr (Keisha Castle-Hughes), one of the Imperial doctors helping to conduct unethical experiments on clones on Mount Tantiss, is the sister of ‘Omega. “I had no idea!” Ang said when asked about the big reveal. “[Supervising director Brad Rau] was kind of on tiptoe around what this character would end up being. And then I realized, ‘Oh my God, that’s my sister! It’s also a clone.'”

Omega was thought to be the only female clone of the Mandalorian armor-clad bounty hunter Jango Fett, so it’s pretty huge to know there’s another one out there, especially one that’s older. It will be interesting to discover the implications of this, although it may take some time to adjust to the other bombshells dropped in the finale. After Omega and the surviving members of Clone Force 99 barely escape their compromised mission thanks to Tech’s sacrifice, they return to what they thought was a safe place only to find that their contact there sold them out to the Empire. Certain ideas were apparently in play when The bad batch decided to sneakily launch a Cheers star as the abrasive businesswoman Trandoshan Cid.

With Omega captured by the Empire and trapped on Mount Tantiss, the only question is how Hunter and Wrecker will manage to rescue her on their own. It looks like there could be a great team in the future. At least that assumes The bad lot gets a third season. Crossed fingers.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on Disney Plus.

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