What does your main “Dead by Daylight” killer say about you?

The Witch from Dead By Daylight

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Released in 2017, around the same time as Friday the 13th: the gameasymmetrical survival horror Dead in broad daylight had stiff competition. But which came first – the chicken or the egg? Well it was Gun Media Friday 13 which beat Behavior Interactive to the mark, releasing in May 2017 – while Dead in broad daylight did not debut until June of the same year. Knowing how immensely popular Friday the 13th: the game would (and it was), Behavior was to outdo its competitor by branching out to original characters (OC) and giving audiences something they hadn’t seen before, unlike Jason Voorhees. This also explains why Jason isn’t a playable character in Dead in broad daylightgiven the legal battle going on behind the scenes for the rights to the character between the director of several Friday 13 films, Sean S. Cunningham, and the screenwriter of the 1980 original, Victor Miller.

Needless to say, Behavior Interactive was blessed with creative freedom with their unlicensed characters, allowing killers to vary in strength, weakness, and abilities, as well as a unique lore built into the game’s overall backstory. There are a few fan favorites popping up here and there, like Michael Myers and Leatherface, but Dead in broad daylight has found undeniable success with its OCs, many of which are Killer Mains for the majority of the community. We’ve given you a glimpse of what your Survivor Main says about you, so what about the Killers?

1. The Trapper

Anyone interested in Trapper will generally fall into two categories: either you are a newbie who has found a resonance with Trapper, the poster of Dead in broad daylight, or you’ve been playing for so long — since the very beginning — and you have a thing for OGs. Either way, we respect you for choosing Trapper, who isn’t always a forgiving killer to play, let alone a main one. Oh, also, if you’re a fan of Friday 13you’ll probably consider Trapper a Jason Voorhees replacement, so once they stop releasing new content for Friday the 13th: the game due to the complications of the legal battle, you migrated to DbD to find the next best thing. You also have the patience of a saint, especially since Trapper works entirely in your favor… or not.

2. The Spectrum

Even though the Wraith is realistically a pretty good killer these days, the Wraith Networks will remember the dark days when their chosen killer was among the worst in the game. fruits. If you have mastered the Wraith, he will reward you generously for it. Wraith Mains will no doubt resonate with his lore, in which he was just an average human – definitely on the shy side – and found himself steeped in a life of violence. If you’re a primary Wraith, chances are you’ll always let at least one Survivor escape, and you’ll always have – always – give someone the trap door. You are not greedy, but you are sometimes overwhelmed by excessive additions and most likely NOED.

3. The Hillbilly

We’re going off on a limb here and guess if you’re a main Hillbilly, you tried Bubba first, found out how hard he was to play, then you picked the only other killer in the game with a chainsaw… who can run too. If you’re leading Hillbilly, you almost never use his melee attack and always try to impress yourself (and others) by landing deft chainsaw shots. It may take you a few tries, but you don’t care. There’s nothing more satisfying than chopping down a survivor with your chainsaw, and you’re just glad you put the power of Hillbilly to good use. If you stuck and stuck with Billy beyond Behavior’s multiple nerfs, you’ve not only earned our respect, but you can probably endure just about anything.

4. The nurse

Let’s get one thing straight from the start, if you’re a lead nurse, everyone who comes in contact with you should bow to your feet. You are invincible, unstoppable, unshakable. Often considered the hardest killer to master Dead in broad daylight, the easiest way to describe nurse networks would be: badass bitches. You’ve licked your wounds and faced your fair share of teabags and flashlight saves, only to unlock Nurse’s true potential and seize the opportunity. You’ve probably spent hours perfecting the nurse and have become ruthless after your hours of toil, bordering on madness at this point. Nurse networks are totally unbalanced, unpredictable and most likely immortal. If they can overpower the nurse and get a 4K in a match, we tip our hats to you. This is not an easy task.

5. Shape

Despite his monstrous nature, Michael Myers is the resident “daddy” of Dead in broad daylight. If you run the Shape, chances are you’ll be attracted to it. He is also strong and quiet. If that sounds like you, you probably have a lot more in common with Michael than you first thought. He doesn’t have any particularly defining abilities like, say, Freddy Krueger, but that only makes him more interesting. It also goes without saying, but whoever feeds Michael Myers is most likely a huge fan of the Halloween franchise and prefers old-school horror to modern psychological thriller. Michael Mains is a huge slasher fan and resonates with the element of mystery that surrounds Michael’s personality and motivations. Is he misunderstood or pure evil personified?

6. The Witch

We’ll just go ahead and say it, if you’re a Main Hag, it’s basically the equivalent of being sorted in Ravenclaw in Harry Potter. You are extremely intelligent, able to think like a survivor and carefully plan your every move accordingly. Hag Mains isn’t afraid to take a loss on the chin and come back swinging. Like Nurse Mains, they put many hours into Hag, perfecting the strategy of placing his spawn traps in specific locations to catch survivors red-handed and making the most of his useful ability. Chances are also that Hag Mains is fascinated by witchcraft and enjoys reading tarot cards. If you’re a Hag main, we’ll bet you’re probably a Mikaela main too. We imagine Hag enjoys collecting minerals or gemstones, carrying a salt lamp with them wherever they go, and absolutely avoiding Ouija boards, even if they fascinate you.

7. The Doctor

Doctor Mains didn’t come to play. Well, they did. But in a metaphorical sense, they didn’t. They’re downright tired of survivors dodging killers by crouching behind rocks and never leaving a trace of their activities. The Doctor is a very direct killer who doesn’t rely on stealth like some others. We’re betting anyone who directs the Doctor probably chooses the direct approach in video games over the stealthier option, which most games discourage. These principals despise stealth, but there’s also an element of satisfaction that comes from zapping survivors and maintaining enough control over the trial to know exactly where the survivors are at all times. Oh, you probably like that little giggle he does too.

8. The Huntress

Much like the form, we’re willing to put all our eggs in the basket to bet that the main Huntress are sexually attracted to her to some degree, even if they’re in denial. If Michael Myers is the “daddy” of DbD, then Huntress is the “mom”. Huntress is a great all-around slayer, so it could be that many of her principals started out by defaulting to her, then slowly learned how much fun it was to shoot survivors with hatchets from all over the map… and the rest. belongs to history. . Huntress Hands either loves its mechanics and likes to land tricky shots, or it ticks all the right boxes with its striking design, fleshed-out backstory, and pleasing power. She takes a lot less time to get good than someone like the nurse, so Huntress Mains has no time to waste getting good, they just want to bring back the 360 ​​without the scope of the Call of Duty days.

9. The Cannibal

If you’re a main Bubba, chances are you’re extremely misunderstood. Maybe no one “gets” you or you’re still tied to the wrong crowd. If you played Dead in broad daylight for long enough, you’ll know that Bubba Networks are constantly under attack. Although renowned for camping and tunneling, not all Bubbas are the same as their predecessors. There are true lovers who choose it simply because they are either big fans of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or they are entirely rebellious and want to prove all naysayers wrong. Bubba Mains wants to stand out from the crowd and prove the haters wrong. Above all, they want to prove that Leatherface requires a certain degree of skill to master and that camping isn’t necessary to ensure a win. Bubba networks are very, very competitive.

10. The Nightmare

The Nightmare, otherwise known as Freddy Krueger, might be the weakest killer in the entire game – and it’s not even close. He’s been nerfed so many times that playing with him isn’t fun anymore. If you’re a Freddy regular, you must know something we all don’t. Either that or that says a lot about your personality and you never give up. Freddy Mains will stick with something for as long as it takes, whether it’s playing an instrument or learning a new language. They won’t give up on people easily and will always see the good in everyone. They are also passionate about what they do, always looking to reward their hard work. It’s not a forgiving life to be a main Freddy, but anyone who continues to do so must have an iron will.

Well, did we get it right? Stay tuned for more killers to add to the list.

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